Frequently Asked Questions

Should you cook with extra virgin olive oil?

Yes! Extra virgin olive oil's smoke point is about 410˚F or 210˚C, which gives plenty of room to sauté, roast, marinate and even bake!

The lower the free fatty acid content of the oil, the more stable the oil, and thus the higher the smoke point. Therefore it is better to use extra virgin olive oil rather than lower grades of olive oil.

All of our EVOO follows the California Olive Oil Council's strict standards of an acidity level of less than 0.5%.

Note: Breathing in smoke from any type of oil is a health hazard so keep an eye on the temperature and remember good ventilation!

How do I use olive oil?

Olive oil is simple to use. Substitute olive oil for all other oils you use. If it calls for liquid oil, use olive oil. For example, drizzle over corn, salads, use in baked items and marinates to name just a few. Many also use olive oil for medicinal purposes. See the health benefits page.

What is extra virgin olive oil?

As with many agricultural products, there are different grades of olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is the highest grade for olive oil, with less than 0.8% acidity and a superior taste. Extra virgin olive oils have high polyphenol antioxidant counts and oleic acid levels, while having low free fatty acid and peroxide values.

In Europe, strict criteria must be met before an olive oil is labeled "extra virgin." The oil must pass two tests: a chemical analysis (acidity level, peroxide level and UV absorbency) and sensory evaluation (taste test).

There is limited regulation in the United States, allowing olive oils to be labeled "extra virgin" without actually being so. Currently, purchasing an imported "extra virgin" olive oil in the grocery store does not guarantee quality in the United States.

How do you store extra virgin olive oil?

Light, heat and air are olive oil's worst enemies so always keep your oil stored in a dark container, away from heat such as a stove or hot cabinet and always keep your bottle corked after using.

How long can I keep my olive oil?

Olive oil is a fresh fruit juice. It has a shelf life of 9-12 months, however; to gain the most health benefits from your oil the sooner you use it the more health benefits you gain. Six months is a good rule of thumb.

After a year's time, the taste and health benefits, such as vitamin E, beta-carotene, and other phenol levels, decreased dramatically. In addition, extra virgin olive oil has begun to go rancid and should be discarded if older.

Why does my olive oil have residue on the bottom of the bottle?

Don't worry. Olive oil is a fresh fruit juice and what you are seeing is the pulp.

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