How to Make Wine



Step 1:

Wine Selection and Mixing:
You learn about the available wines, their attributes, cost and time to maturation. You make your selection. The grape juice and/or concentrate is mixed with yeast nutrient and premium filtered water into the primary fermentor. Some wines have added wood chips and grape skins that are also added to the primary fermentor. The fermentor is labeled with your name, start date, original specific gravity and the future dates for racking.




Step 2:

First Rack: After 5-14 days the wine is siphoned from the fermentor and placed in a glass "carboy" for further fermenting. This is called "racking" and the process leaves the "lees" or precipitates behind in the fermentor. The carboy is then tagged with your name, the wine type, and status of the wine.

On about day 21, the fermentation is stopped using the stabilizing and fining agents that come in the kit.

On about day 28, the wine is racked into a clean carboy again, leaving the lees behind. The wine is then left approximately 7 more days for further sediment to fall out and racked into a clean carboy for future bottling. 


Step 3:

Bottling and Corking: At approximately day 45, we will notify you that your wine is racked and ready for bottling. You make an appointment to come in and bottle your wine utilizing our automatic bottler, floor corker and foil heater. You can supply your own bottles or purchase from us. You are welcome to use our sanitizing sink and cleansers to wash your own bottles. Foils, corks and select labels are included in your on premise fee.

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