Why Make Wine - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wine kit?

Wine kits contain all of the ingredients that you need to make a 6 gallon batch of wine. Most importantly, there is a bag of sterile grape juice. The juice comes from the best vineyards throughout the world. The acids, tannins and sweetness in the kits are perfectly balanced with the grape juice to achieve the best possible wine. They are remarkably consistent in their flavor from year to year. Other additives included are yeast, bentonite (helps suspend the juice for great fermentation), sulfites (help prevent oxidation and stabilize the wine) and the clearing agent. There are four, five, and six week kits, and high-end 8 week kits.

Is it as good as store bought wine?

All of our wine juices and concentrates come from grapes picked in the finest grape-growing regions in the world. They are styled after European table wines to ferment more quickly and age faster so you can enjoy them sooner. Many of the kits have won awards at winemaking competitions. You will not find a better product for personal winemaking.

How many bottles of wine will my batch make?

Each batch is formulated to make approximately 29 standard bottles of wine (750 mL).

How hard is it to make my own wine?

Making your own wine is easy. It takes about 20 minutes to start your wine and we will explain each step of the process with you. When your wine is ready, we'll contact you to come in and bottle your wine. With our automatic bottle filler, floor corker and shrink cap heater, you'll be done in about 45 minutes.

How many people can I bring to make wine?

As many as you would like. Each kit makes 29 bottles of wine, and you can split them any way you want.

What does it cost to make my own wine?

The cost of your wine made on premises will range in price from $4.00 to $8.00 per bottle, depending on the kit you choose. The cost is comprised of the on-premise fee, the cost of the kit and the cost of the bottles. The on-premise fee of $55 includes the use of the equipment, corks, custom labels and shrink tops for your bottles. The cost of the kit ranges from $60 to $200. Bottles can be purchased here by the case for $1.30-$1.70 per bottle or provided by you. 

How do the sulfite levels compare to commercial wines?

Sulfites are used primarily as a preservative in wine. Commercial wines require a higher concentration of sulfites to help the wine endure a commercial chain of distribution and for aging beyond several years. Our kits contain 1/5 to 1/3 the sulfites of commercial wines. We have found that many people who are sensitive to sulfites or get "wine headaches" can again enjoy wine made from kits.

How soon after I make my wine can I drink it?

All wines should be left for at least 2 weeks after bottling. Wine undergoes what is termed "bottle shock" immediately after bottling and needs time to calm down. Some of the 4 week kits (Vintner's Reserve, World Vineyard, Island Mist and Orchard Breezin') are very drinkable after 1-2 months but will continue to improve with time. 6 week kits (Selection, Selection International, Cru Select and Cellar Classic) are fuller bodied and will benefit from 1-3 months for the whites and a minimum of 4-6 months for the reds. The complex, full-bodied high-end 8 week kits benefit from a year or more of aging.

How must a wine be stored to age properly?

Once you take your bottles home, you should let the bottles remain upright for 3-5 days. This allows any carbon dioxide remaining in the bottle to escape prior to the cork sealing and your long-term storage. After the 3-5 days, lay the bottles on their sides so the corks remain moist. Wine is best kept in a cool, dark place. 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. Keeping a constant temperature is very important. The temperature should not fluctuate more than 10 degrees per week. The wine can be stored at a higher temperature, but it may not age as well or keep for as long. If possible the humidity should be 65% to 75%. This will keep the corks from drying out and leaking. Minimize movement as that disturbs the aging process.


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